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Absolute Concrete

Absolute Concrete is headquartered in Houston, Texas and is owned and operated by Mark Heaner. Mark has over 20 years of experience in concrete construction, including, but not limited to: planning and development; forecasting, estimating and value engineering; project management, construction and final acceptance. Absolute Concrete provides concrete construction services in virtually all of Texas, and its surrounding areas including: Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi. Absolute Concrete started in 2012 and continues to grow and secure new partnerships. They strive on safety, quality and on-time delivery. Their mantra is "same team". Work together... not against. Given the opportunity; they will surpass the standard and show you how "Together We Will Make A Difference".


D-Square Foundation Repair

D-Square is a locally owned company and we have been in business in the Brazosport area for over 30 years. We are members of the BBB with an A+ rating. We are insured for your protection.
D-Square Foundation Repair uses the Perma Pile System. This system continues to be the standard of the industry, especially on the Gulf Coast. Unlike the drilled pier work done by most companies, the Perma Pile system is sturdy, efficient and takes just a couple of days compared to up to two weeks for other types of repair.

Dawson Foundation Repair

Dawson Foundation Repair

We repair all types of concrete slabs in the southern United States using the superior Bell Bottom Pier method of foundation repair to provide you, the customer, with a problem-free, long term solution. We provide our customers with a FREE inspection and information about the warning signs of foundation problems. And we provide a complete explanation of what causes soil and foundation movement and how Bell Bottom Piers provide support and stability in the long term. 

Your home is one of the most important investments you will make. Foundation damage caused by expansive clay soils can endanger this investment. Dawson Foundation Repair provides the homeowner a superior method of house leveling at a highly competitive price. We also perform excavation to repair under slab plumbing leaks and raise homes out of flood prone areas. 
Our reputation speaks for itself and we invite you to speak with us, visit our website to see our referrals, or contact us directly with specific questions.


Hy-Tech Foundation Repair

At Hy-Tech, we’ve been doing foundation repair in Houston since 1989. If you’re wondering, that’s over 25 years. You can’t last a quarter of a century in this business without putting the customer first and doing great work. Every. Single. Time. Here’s how we do it:

We Won’t Disrupt Your Life. - There will be no damage to your yard and landscaping. And we promise to be quiet too. No noisy equipment to bother you or your neighbors.

We’re In and Out. Fast. - Most jobs take just 2-3 days. That’s it.

There’s No Risk to You. - We offer a transferable lifetime warranty. That means forever. Should foundation settlement occur in any area where our pilings are installed; we’ll repair it at no cost to you. That’s right. No cost.
Foundation repair costs, plumbing, and other expenses can run into the tens of thousands. We know that’s what keeps you up at night. At Hy-Tech, we utilize an innovative baseline service that creates a foundation restore point. It clearly identifies the areas where work needs to be done. Sort of like an x-ray for your foundation. Your dentist wouldn’t pull all of your teeth because of one cavity right? We target where the weaknesses are and fix them.
Simple. Effective. Cost Efficient… 25 Years Of Doing Right By The Customer.

Smart Vent Logo

Smart Vent

Education and code knowledge is important, but of equal importance is the manufacturing of a quality product. After a detailed search, we chose Sargent Metal Fabricators in Anderson, SC to manufacture our vents. This ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant utilizes state-of- the-art laser and punch press technology, lights out nighttime automation, and demand flow assembly to ensure quality, and guarantee on-time delivery. Unlike most traditional assembly houses, our parts are manufactured on one line, and then delivered in small batches to the assembly line. In-line inspection through every process, along with final wet flood-proofing tests, provides us with excellent quality. Over 90% of your orders ship the same day they are ordered.

Today we are proud to offer a family of products that meet every flood venting application. Our team of dedicated employees is available to answer all questions, provide AIA approved seminars, assist in locating an authorized installation expert, or assist in locating an authorized Smart VENT dealer near you. Through every step of our growth, your comments, ideas, and suggestions have helped guide us to provide you with great flood venting solutions. We appreciate your help and business, and we look forward to helping all of our valued customers in the future.

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