Titan Foundation’s & Elevation’s Co-Owner and President, Bobby Fischer first started his career working in his family’s material supply and ready-mix business leading to working in the residential, commercial and highway concrete forming market through the 80‘s and 90's. From there, Bobby’s career moved into Residential Development and Historical Rehabilitation. In 2009, he was hired by Patterson Shoring in New Orleans, where he first entered the Structure Elevation Market. With his background and strong knowledge of foundation carpentry, home-building and rehabilitation, he made the perfect candidate for Project Management in the Elevation Industry. While first working for Patterson Shoring, then Expert House Movers and Ducky Johnson, Bobby was the Lead Project Manager for hundreds of Turnkey Elevation Projects throughout the country. This included overseeing the entire process from Proposals, to Estimating and Design. Titan Foundations & Elevation House Raising history dates back to 2008 in New Orleans, raising both slabs and pier and beam homes under the HMGP Grant.

Bobby completed his first Turn Key Slab Elevation during 2009 in Houma, Luisianna and his first FMA/SRL Funded Slab Elevation project in League City, Texas during the summer of 2011, that included 4 Slab Elevation Home projects that were raised 6 feet.

Bobby Fischer purchased Titan foundation’s in 2013 and to date has completed over 200 turn-key elevation projects adding to over $30 million worth of work completed across the United States.


John Heaner, has been working in the Houston, Texas market for more than 20 years and Co-founded Absolute Concrete there in 2011. John has managed over four million square feet of concrete foundations and more than five million square feet of paving across Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Austin, Texas. Absolute Concrete’s extensive knowledge of managing large work crews and handling concrete in the Texas climate, coupled with Titan Foundation’s reputation of being one of the best and most efficient elevation companies in the country, truly set them apart from the competition.
Heaner’s Industry knowledge, personnel and connections across Texas are second to none. With Absolute Concrete’s work force, the Titan Foundation - Absolute Concrete’s partnership will have a work force of over 100 direct workers allowing us to be ready to handle the large amount of concrete work required in high elevation projects in areas throughout the great state Texas.


Andrew Catalano - Lead Unified Lift Operator

Andrew has been lifting slab structures since 2006. Prior to coming to Titan, he was the Lead Lift Operator for BHL where he lifted around 70 houses in New Jersey and New York. Before his time in the Northeast, Andrew spent eight years at Orleans Shoring lifting and moving more than 450 homes in and around New Orleans. Almost all of those homes required the elevation of the slab. Andrew also lifted and moved non-residential buildings including the celebrated relocation of the McDonough 11 School - the largest structural relocation in the history of Louisiana.
In addition to the relocation of the historical school building, the construction of a VA hospital also required the relocation of 110 homes to other parts of New Orleans that have been damaged by flooding. At the projects peak, Andrew was overseeing multiple crews assigned to lift two slab houses per day and move 13,000 square feet per week. He has the experience to carefully lift the most sensitive structures and the efficiency to manage significant volume. Prior to working for Orleans Shoring, he also worked for Patterson House Movers and Davie Shoring.

Alex Valra – Lead Piling Crew Leader

Since 2007 Alex has installed over 35,000 concrete segmented piles in the Louisiana and Texas soils. That is approximately 2.1 million individual piles driven.

Our method and equipment allows us to install a concrete segmented pile that is load tested and certified to have the proper bearing and load capacity to lift your house – our crews are larger, our installing equipment pumps are stronger and faster than standard electric piling pumos.

We have the man power and equipment to get your piling installation done faster than any other group.

Jamie Najier - Concrete Foreman

Jamie handles all concrete work on Titan elevation projects. This include footings, slabs, columns and masonry work on elevated structures. Jaime has worked with Bobby Fischer since 2008. 

Anthony Julinao - Job Superintendent

Anthony’s main role at Titan is to run all job site operations pertaining to elevation, Helicals, foundation and service. He also handles installation of any ADA Lift Products when required and approved.

Mike Callahan - Project and Operations Manager

Mike wears two hardhats at Titan – Operations Manager and Project Management. Part of his duties include managing all install and service crews with any ADA Lift Products that are part of any Titan projects. Mike and Bobby Fischer have worked together since 2009.

Shelby Fischer - Elevation Coordinator

You may recognize Shelby’s last name. She has been working with her dad in the elevation business since 2010. Don’t think for a second it is nepotism - Shelby fully understands the elevation process. She is Titan’s main customer service agent. She makes sure home owners kept in the loop, especially when it comes to possible grants and all related paperwork.