Slab Separations

The Slab Separation process is just as it sounds, Titan Foundations & Elevation will separate the slab away from the structure, and elevate all of the interior and exterior walls, ceiling, roof, second or third floor, windows, doors, upper cabinets, shower tile on the walls and the interior staircases. We can even do what the others can’t and raise the exterior brick on the structure along with the house.

Titan has worked all over the the United States allowing our team to understand many other methods of house elevation that are less expensive and produce a better end product with more ROI for the homeowner. While working in New Jersey after super storm Sandy, Titan perfected the slab separation process allowing us to do what many others in Texas are incapable of successfully completing.

If you’re considering elevation and have been damaged by Harvey, hold off on your interior repairs the current condition of your home allows for a cost-effective elevation method that will cost you less in the end then slab elevation.

If your home was damaged during Harvey and your considering elevating it DO NOT  start completing the interior repairs first. The current condition of your home allows for Titan to provide a more cost effective elevation method than slab elevation.

Titan will Slab Separate your home and install a new foundation wall system on the existing slab. We then build a new subfloor system with TJI or dimensional lumber and lower your home back on the new foundation system.

With Titans custom poured in place concrete wall system, we will pour a pattern into the new foundation system that will meet your HOA requirements and… Titan will handle all paperwork and design related to the HOA.

Slab Separation provides a much better more versatile product than slab elevation. A Slab raised over 6 feet can add $15-$25 per square foot to cost of your raise due to the foundation system that is required support your elevated slab.

Many of the home owners affected by Harvey are looking to raise their home up 5 to 6 feet to begin with. Using a slab separation and raising your home an additional 3 feet is very inexpensive and allows you to have full access under your home by using it as a garage, storage or even a family recreational area. Titan is able to install windows, doors and garage doors into the poured walls. If required, we can build a staircase built to withstand flood conditions that will access the elevated house above and the lower level.

Titan Foundations & Elevation Experienced Home Mitigation Team is here to help with all your Home and Business Elevation needs!

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