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Residential Home Elevation

Titan Foundations & Elevation is a Home Mitigation Team that has performed over 1,500 Turn Key Home Elevation projects for clients throughout the Midwest, Eastern and the Gulf Regions of the United States. Titan Foundation’s team is composed of the top performers in their related businesses from around the country, putting together a Super Team of Industry Professionals. We have been working in Texas since 2010, so after partnering with Absolute Concrete located in Richmond, Texas, and the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, we have decided to concentrate our crews, equipment and efforts to the need for elevation in Texas.

Titan Foundation & Elevation’s partnership with Absolute Concrete, and others, gives us over 150 years of combined experience in the elevation industry and general contracting across the country from Katrina damaged homes to the Jersey Shore, throughout Texas and across the Midwest, we have successfully raised them all. This now allows us to offer complete Turn Key Services for homes and business elevations needed in Texas and concentrate on working with owners on the grants and funding available in these areas.

Titan Foundation’s & Elevation’s Home Mitigation Team can handle any type of structures including, High and Low Slab Elevation, Slab Separation, Pier and Beam, Full Block Homes and Full Brick Homes. We can elevate any structure from 1-foot to 20-feet including multiple additions and multiple slabs.

Titan’s experienced team uses state of the art Unified Lifting Equipment along with Experienced operators. Our team’s background in Commercial and Heavy Highway Concrete is a big part of the overall foundation design to elevated structures, we take our experience over the past quarter century and use it to provide a superior final product and that satisfies our customers, home owners associations and all government regulations.

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