Titan Foundations and Elevation is changing the landscape of home elevation in the states of Missouri, North Carolina, Louisiana, New Jersey and Texas. At Titan Foundations and Elevation, it’s all in our name. We actually elevate your home by tunneling under the structure to gain access. We drive the amount of required piles and lift the structure without any damage to the inside of the home. Titan’s unified system is the safest lifting system in the elevation industry. There are no opportunities to have a cracked or damaged slab due to a non-uniformed elevation and unsafe use of bottle jacks. For years, traditional methods of house raising in Texas have been done with foundation repair crews. Other companies gain access to the bottom of your house by going THROUGH your house destroying your interior and compromising your slab. Their primary method of elevating your house is with bottle jacks, a method that has been used for many years, but it is the most damaging and unsafe method of raising structure. The other guys will make you empty your home, break holes in your slab, drive piles, raise the house, push dirt back under the house, patch the hole… And then come in and repair the inside of the home. Titan Foundations and Elevation method is non-evasive to the inside structure of the home.

Every house Titan lifts will be reviewed by multiple members of the Titan team throughout the entire process Including:

Titan Project Manager

Bobby Fischer, Owner of Titan Foundations & Elevation

Titan Engineering Team

Elevation Methods

Monolithic Slab Elevation

This process is used if your slab and footings are poured together, we will tunnel under the structure and drive piling (based on soil conditions) exposing the footing or grade beams, then push on the footings or grade beams to elevate your house

Slab Separation Elevation

This process works as it sounds. We will separate the walls from the slab. In order to do this, it requires us to remove drywall, interior cabinets, and parts of the exterior veneer to allow the installation of a steel grid to elevate your house.

Slab/Footing Separation Elevation

This process is done when you have a spread footing and a knee wall coming up to the slab. We will separate the slab of your home from the old wall and footing, we will excavate the soil beneath the home, and install temporary shoring jacks to stabilize the house – once this is completed a steel grid will be installed under your home, and then elevated.

Pier & Beam Elevation

This process is for wood frame structures, usually they are already elevated from the ground. We will install a grid of steel under the house and elevate. As many others are unable to do, Titan Foundations and Elevation can elevate the brick veneer with your home.

Titan Foundations and Elevation Process

At Titan Foundations and Elevation, it’s all about the process. We invest our extensive experience and knowledge of elevating structures in every project we are awarded by using expert Structural and Soil Engineers and having project landscapers and designers on staff. We will show you what your home will look like before, during and after Titan Foundations and Elevation works on your home.
We are experts in Monolithic Slab Elevation, making us the best in the industry in the process of Piling and Tunneling to lift your home and secure it at the right level. This includes installing a new foundation system, re-connecting all mechanical systems, building two sets of staircases to meet egress, obtaining occupancy inspection and all the paperwork that all happens before one shovel of dirt is even turned.

Preparing your property

We are going to prepare your home based on what our complete assessment. This allows us to pull proper permits. We will also do a soil boring test on site to determine the actual soil conditions that will help us determine the piling system that will support the house permanently as we elevate it. This is where we prepare your property for elevation.
A home inspection will be done with a certified 3rd party contractor. This will be a complete walk through of your home with you, Titan and a inspector. We will document all pre-existing conditions, open all windows and doors, check out all cabinets and check major utility locations. If by chance anything is different/damaged after the elevation – Titan will take care of it.
We can lift your home as is, you don’t have to empty your personal belongings, but you may want to remove some of your more precious items and take things off the walls. Bottom line, everything can stay in your home during the elevation process.
All landscaping will be removed and stored on site and will be your responsibility to maintain landscaping during the elevation process. Titan will also help you move and store exterior furniture and items of that nature.

Titan will then saw or chip away any concrete adjacent to your home to provide access to the edge of the foundation. Actually, we will go four feet from the house giving us access to dig and install piling pits.
Titan will lay out the piling locations usually 5’-6’ apart around the exterior of the home and then start digging the exterior piling pits. This is followed by the tunneling process.
Titan has perfected the process of making a tunnel maze that follows the interior grade beams of your home. Titan’s tunnels have the appropriate ventilation and lighting to ensure our employees’ health and safety.

The tunnels allow us to install interior pilings under your home for the actual elevation. We have never had a house collapse into the tunnels! You can rest assured your house is safe during this process. After your house has been exposed, Titan will come up with a final piling and elevation plan, all under the watchful eye of an engineer. Once we have the piling pits and tunnels dug we will then install our interconnecting segmented concrete piling system assuring the pilings are properly aligned and driven straight and offering a full load-bearing surface from pile to pile.

Interconnecting piling systems have an interlocking thread bar creating a fully connected segmented pile. This system works with various shapes and dimensions by locking together, to offer the premier interconnecting piling system in the market today. Piles are driven to proper pressure and depth based on the soil test performed earlier in the process, piling loading and the weight of your home – in fact, the house is used as a counterweight to drive the piles.
The piles are driven through expansive place soils to load-bearing strata or competent soil. Upon completion, Titan will have a piling inspection done by the building department and our engineering team to insure the pilings are installed to design. This is the point in the process when you will be required to leave your home and Titan will give you plenty of notice when it is time to leave.

Elevating Your Home

Titan Foundation and Elevation's Home Mitigation Team has seen and done it all, a full service general contractor and the best in the business.
Our operators have perfected the unified hydraulic jacking system to elevate structures of all shapes and sizes. Our experience and knowledge of the unified jacking system sets us apart from all the others in the industry.

The unified hydraulic jacking system allows each strategically placed jack to receive an equal volume of oil no matter the weight or pressure to uniformly raise your structure perfectly level from start to finish without cracking or disturbing your structure in the process. There could be 15 lbs on one jack and 15 tons on another and they will both extend at the exact same rate under the careful eye of a Titan expert.

At the time of elevation all gas, water and electric will be turned off to your home. If power is overhead, Titan will insert a new ground rod to the appropriate level to secure the wires.
Titan will match the right system to your home to make sure we install the proper amount of jacks underneath to insure a true unified lift. Once the jacks are set, Titan will pressurize the unified jacking system, confirm your home’s actual weight and add piling and jacking points if needed.
Titan will lift the home 8” at a time while entering the home multiple times to check on plumb lines and levelness. It’s not a race to the finish and we pride ourselves in taking our time to do the job right.

After the initial elevation, Titan will reset the jacks. Each jack is numbered and assigned a jack ‘Captain’ – so, each elevation crew will have approximately 10 to 15 members.
The pilings will be reset, the jacks will be reset and the next push of 8” will occur. The resetting of pilings and jacks typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the height of the structure.

Before Titan removes the jacks, we will have a surveyor on site for an in-process elevation certification that will be an official FEMA document that will show we are at the proper height.
Titan will also make sure the entire structure is level before we pull out the jacks. This is done with pre-installed plumb lines and taking computerized reading with a zip level. This shows us tolerance within a tenth of an inch! If you have a 2-story house, levels will be taken on both levels.
Once we get finished with the elevation and before the footings go in, we are going to backfill the structure and do engineered compaction on the structure as well. When your house is lifted, it sits on a series of segmented interconnected concrete pilings. Titan will install a new footing around the exterior of your home and on the interior as required. Then we build and assemble new foundation walls under your newly elevated home using CMU split-faced block.

Your new foundation connects to the elevated slab on 7’- 8’ centers. This is done with No. 5 rebar, epoxy-grouted to elevated slab and then the CMU is filled with concrete. This process fulfills the TWIA requirements and helps with lateral support.

Titan goes further than other elevation contractors by installing more columns under non-supportive areas to remove any deflection or movement of your slab.
Upon completion, Titan will have a foundation inspection done by our engineers to verify design and stability, along with a local building department inspection
We will make sure it is approved and built to code and meets local requirements.

Flood vents will also be installed to allow any future water to flow freely under your elevated structure.


Titan Foundation’s & Elevation has been working with its licensed mechanical subcontractors since 2008.


Titan Foundation’s & Elevation will install new PVC plumbing under your slab tying into existing drain including:
Pulling toilets and new bolt downs, rings and trap from the slab down.

Vertical water lines will be extended as required and reconnected

Insulate any above grade water lines and lower any exterior house bibs.

Tie back into any existing septic system – any additional work outside of the building lines is the owner’s responsibility.

Disconnect and store existing HVAC components until elevation is complete. Titan will install an elevated pad and set and recharge your compressor so it is ready to use.

Gas meter will be disconnected by the Gas Company and stored offsite. After we elevate your home we will extend the gas line – it will be connected and pressure tested by a licensed contractor. In fact, all of your utilities will be inspected by local authorities to make sure they are up to code.

Just like your HVAC system, if you have a generator, pool or spa pump system, Titan will disconnect and store it until your home is elevated. It will be reinstalled and if needed, put on a deck or platform.

After the utilities are connected and foundation walls are installed, Titan will spray the bottom of the slab with closed-cell foam insulation to control the thermal contraction and expansion of the now elevated slab. We take this extra step to provide an insulated barrier since you lose the earth-insulated feature after your house is elevated.
Any concrete that was removed will be replaced. Titan will do its best to match the existing color and texture. Front and side sidewalks affected by the elevation will be repaired to match the new structure’s height. You will have a new sidewalk that matches the elevation of your home. Titan can also provide landings, staircases and hand rails built out of wood, masonry, concrete or vinyl. Many options are available.

Many of the homes have pre-existing decks, or the owner wants a bigger deck. Many times, that is at the homeowner’s expense. If the deck was part of the original structure, we can raise it, as well as extend the columns and handrails.

Titan can also install an elevated driveway up to 6’, that will allow you to use your garage. Each garage has to be looked at per application process.
If required, and approved, Titan can install an ADA compliant personal lift and we have many options available. There is a battery back-up system included in case of power outage or for lower elevated plans, a ramp can be built.

Titan will also put your yard back to its prior condition. We will finish grade your yard for proper drainage, install sod, and leave areas open for landscape beds
Once elevation is complete – your paperwork is not! Titan will finish all paperwork to make sure your structure meets all requirements to show your house has been lifted out of the floodplain.

Here are a couple Frequently Asked Questions from homeowners:

• How long will it take? The actual lift only takes a day or two, but the overall completion and return of your ‘new’ home typically takes 30 to 60 days.
• When do I have to leave my home? Stay during the piling process. Once elevation starts you will have to get out of the house. Lower elevation expect 1 to 3 weeks until you are back in your home.