Pier & Beam Elevation Process

Please look at the gallery below, or download a complete PDF below of The Titan Foundations & Elevation’s Coastal A Zone Project that we completed in the Bay/Lagoon Area of New Jersey. It includes the complete Pier and Beam Process we use here to insure success with every building we lift.

Designs and Renderings

Engineering Drawings
Pilings - Footings – Columns – Slab – Stairs
Elevation Certificate – Survey – Plot Plans
Soil Borings- needed for piling warranty
Cribbing and Elevation Design

Engineering & Permit Time Line will be completed before NTP: Engineering and design 2-3 weeks, Permits 2-3 weeks

Builder Trend

A new Homeowner Account will be created and is your direct connection to Schedule, Billing, Updates and all other Files and Data for your review at your fingertips. A complete Project Timeline will be created during the proposal review process.
Home Inspection - Site & Home 3rd Party Inspection

Site Protection - We supply all required site protection, site security, erosion control and protection of neighbors property.

Site Preparation

Homeowner is responsible for maintenance and storage of landscaping materials
All job sites will have dumpster and portable bathroom facilities
Trees are all Trimmed or Removed by Professional Tree Arborist
All Mechanical disconnection including: Septic, Sewer, Water, Gas, Electric, HVAC and Generators will coordinate with the homeowner’s move out date

Titan Foundations & Elevation Turn-Key Services

Coastal A Zone
Helical – Concrete Grade Beam Job
Concrete Pilaster Column System
2 x 12 Quad Stringer with 3-1/2” x 11-1/4 Power Beams Support Structure
House Elevated 9’ with Large Masonry Chimney
Old Garages are Turned into Storage Areas
Add Garage and Storage Areas under Structure

Damage Inspection

Inspect to see if there were any issues to the home due to the elevation process. Sticking windows, door, grout cracks, etc. will all be corrected.

Pier & Beam with Crawl Space and Attached Garage

House Preparation
Install Beams Under the structure
1st Push the house is up and jacks are re-aligned
House is elevated and ready for Foundation Demolition
Footing type that required Helicals which may not pertain to Midwest, based on soils and flood zone
Grade Beams with vertical column one piece see
Pour Footings
Build Columns and attach Bolt Jigs
Lower House, Install Stringers, Interior Crawl area is raised to be equal or greater than the exterior per NFIP
All Mechanical reconnect including: Septic, Sewer, Water, Gas, Electric, HVAC and Generators
Smart Vents installed per FEMA Requirements

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