Mid Level Addition

There are alternatives to Slab Elevation and Demolition Tear Down for your Flood Damaged Home or Building.

Titan Foundations & Elevation has completed House Elevations throughout the United States encountering multiple types of building structures and complex foundation designs helping us develop a process to mitigate your home versus just raising the slab.

Slab Separation and Add a Mid Level to your home is a great alternative. This process is just as it sounds. Titan will slab separate your home and raise it approximately 12 to 16 feet in the air. We then build you a complete new foundation above the flood plain. A new subfloor and framed in first floor are then built to match to footprint of the elevated house above. The top level is then lowered back dow to create a 2 story structure with double the amount of square footage in approximately 45- 60 days.

Please contact Titan Foundations & Elevation for a FREE Evaluation of your structure to see if the Add A Mid Level Slab Separation is a cost effective alternative.