Interconnecting Segmented Concrete Piles

Titan H.P.S.C. Piling section
A Titan Foundations and Elevation Team Member will lay out of the piling location for the piling crews, usually on a 5' to 6’ spacing around the exterior of the home.Then we will start digging the exterior piling pits, This is then followed by the tunneling process. Titan Foundations has perfected the art of making a maze of tunnels that follow the interior grade beams of your home. These tunnels are created with the appropriate ventilation and lighting to insure our employees’ health and safety. The tunnels allow us to install interior pilings under your home for the actual elevation. We are often asked if we have ever had a house collapse into the tunnels and the answer is NO. You can rest assured that your house is safe during this process.

After the foundation has been fully exposed Titan Foundations and Elevation will take the existing conditions and run them by the engineer and our elevation staff and then come up with a final piling and final lifting design or plan to all be signed off by an engineer.
Once we have the piling pits and tunnels are dug, we will then install our interconnecting segmented concrete piling system. This system assures the pilings are properly aligned and driven straight and locked together offering a full load-bearing surface from pile to pile. Interconnecting piling systems have an interlocking 6oKSI thread rebar, creating a fully connected segmented pile. This system works with various shapes and dimensions that are either round or square and are offered in various diameters, locking together to offer the premier interconnecting piling system in the market today.

Piles are driven to design pressure and depth based on the soil testing data collected earlier, piling loading, and house weight. In fact, the house is used as a counterweight to drive the piles. The piles are driven through expansive clay soils to a load bearing strata or competent soils.

Upon completion Titan Foundations and Elevation will have a piling inspection done by the Building Department and our engineer team to assure that the pilings are installed to design. This is the point in the process when you will be required to leave your home and Titan  will give you plenty of notice when this time is going to happen.