Unified Equipment


Titan Foundations and Elevation Texas

Titan Foundations & Elevation uses only the state of the art Unified Hydraulic Jacking System equipment with the industries most experienced Unified Operators. Titan takes pride in using the Unified Jacking System to safely, smoothly bring your home to new heights. This process allows us to quickly raise your home intact and without damage without keeping your family out of your home for an extended period of time.

Titan’s number one mission is to give your house back to you quickly and in better shape than when we started. This goes way above and beyond just raising your house… Your neighbors will notice the curb appeal and you will notice the peace of mind knowing your house is elevated, level, meets all local codes and will never be flooded again.

Titan Foundations & Elevation’s Unified Hydraulic Jacking System allows each strategically placed jack to receive an equal volume of oil, no matter the weight or pressure, to uniformly raise your structure perfectly level from start to finish, without cracking or disturbing your structure in the process. There could be 15 lbs on one jack and 15 tons on another and they will both extend at the exact same rate under the careful eye of a Titan Foundation’s Elevation Expert.

Titan will match the right system to your home in order to make sure we install the proper amount of jacks underneath to insure a true unified lift. Once the jacks are set, Titan will pressurize the unified jacking system, confirm your home’s actual weight and add piling and jacking points if needed. Titan will lift the home 8” to 16"  at a time and continue entering the home multiple times to check on plumb lines and levelness. It’s not a race to the finish and we pride ourselves in taking our time to do the job right.

After the initial elevation, Titan will reset the jacks with the elevation crew of approximately 10 to 15 members and each jack is numbered and assigned a Jack Captain. The pilings will be reset, the jacks will be reset and the next push of 8 to 16" ” will occur. The resetting of pilings and jacks typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the height of the structure.

Before Titan removes the jacks, we will have a surveyor on site for an in-process elevation certification that will be an official FEMA document that confirms we are at the proper height. Titan will also make sure the entire structure is level before we pull out the jacks. This is done with pre-installed plumb lines and taking computerized reading with a zip level. This shows us tolerance within a tenth of an inch! If you have a 2-story house, levels will be taken on both levels.

Unified Jacking System equipment and crews mobilized in Guadalupe, Harris and Galveston County, Texas.

● 2 Equipment Yards

● 2 Unified Machines/Crews Owned By Titan – 24 & 12 Unit

● 5 Unified Machines/Crews – Subs 19-12-12-6-6

● 5 CDL Drivers are Full Time Employees

● 6 Skid Steer 

● 5 Gooseneck 20/30/40 Trailers with 350/450/550 Matching Trucks

● 1000 Tons of Shoring Steel & 30,000 pieces of cribbing