We work with our engineering teams to partner with the best geotechnical and soil engineers in the region to create an extensive design that best works for your structure. Before any digging starts, our team creates a theoretical engineering design based on what we can assessed and what we have lifted in the past.The theoretical design is enough to get the project started. After we do the tunneling, excavations and pilings, we will have one of our engineers re-review the design and come up with a new seal-set elevation plan if necessary. This will be submitted to the local building department so we can continue the process of lifting your home with the best knowledge available.

Engineering Process

1. Theoretical Engineering of house at proposal
2. After contract, Geotechnical Soil Test and Report
3. Engineered plans for Building Department, and permit is issued
4. Test piling driven, loaded, and tested for load bearing
5. Grade beams/footing of the house are exposed and reviewed by Engineering Team
6. Revised plan if needed is stamped off by Engineering Team, and resubmitted to Building Department
7. Jack layout and method is signed off by PE Structural Engineer specializing in elevation
8. After pilings are complete, Building Department inspects, and engineers sign off on final layout and check loads capacities
9. After elevation, new footings are installed. All compaction and soil test are approved by engineer, and some modification could be made based on site conditions
10. During the entire process the Building Department, Engineers, and Homeowners are kept up to date on all site conditions and design changes. Site visits are done as required by inspection agencies and engineers.

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