Titan Foundations and Elevation is your Hurricane Harvey Texas House Raising and Home Elevation Specialist.

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Titan Foundations and Elevation and Absolute Concrete have formed a strategic alliance bringing more than half a century of experience that offers a superior, turnkey Home Mitigation Team, striving on safety, quality and on-time delivery. Together, we can handle even the most difficult elevations in Texas, Louisiana, New Jersey and Missouri. Our All New Texas offices are located at 3311 Richmond Ave. Houston, TX 77098 and 201 Lakeside Ave. Seguin, Texas.

Absolute Concrete owner, John Heaner, has been in the Houston market for more than 20 years. He started Absolute in 2011. He has managed over four million square feet of concrete foundations and more than five million square feet of paving across Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Austin. Absolute’s extensive knowledge of managing large work crews and handling concrete in the Texas climate, coupled with Titan’s resume of being one of the best, and most efficient, elevation companies in the country set them apart from the competition. Heaner’s knowledge, personnel and connections across Texas are second to none. With Absolute’s work force, the Titan/Absolute partnership will have over 100 direct workers at it’s disposal. This allows us to be ready to handle the large amount of concrete work required in high elevation projects required in areas such as Guadalupe County.

Titan Foundations & Elevation is a Home Mitigation Team serving the Gulf, Midwest and Eastern Regions of the United States. Titan offers over 50 years of combined experience in elevation and general contracting across the country – from Katrina damaged homes to the Jersey Shore, throughout Texas and across the Midwest.

Bobby Fischer purchased Titan foundation’s in 2013. Fischer has worked in the construction business his entire life. Bobby started working in his family’s material supply and ready-mix business. He worked in the residential, commercial and highway concrete forming market through the 80‘s and 90's. From there, Bobby’s career moved into Residential Development and Historical Rehabilitation. In 2009 he was hired by Patterson Shoring in New Orleans, where he first entered the Structure Elevation Market. With his background and strong knowledge of foundation carpentry, home-building and rehabilitation, he made the perfect candidate for Project Management in the Elevation Industry. While working for Patterson Shoring, then Expert House Movers and Ducky Johnson, Bobby was the Lead Project Manager for hundreds of Turnkey elevation projects. This included overseeing the entire process from Proposals to Estimating and Design. Titan Foundations & Elevation house raising history dates back to 2008 in New Orleans, raising both slabs and pier and beam homes in the HMGP Grant.

Titan Foundation’s & Elevation’s Home Mitigation Team can handle any type of structure: Slabs, Pier and Beam, Slab Separation, Full Block Homes and Full Brick Homes. We can elevate any structure from 1-foot to 20-feet. This includes multiple additions and multiple slabs. Titan uses state-of-the-art unified lift generating equipment. It isn’t just the equipment, it is the knowledge of knowing how much pressure to use, combined with the right amount of piers to lift any structure, smoothly and quickly by mastering the Unified Jacking System. Fischer continues to surround himself with the best balanced elevation teams in the industry. They understand the importance of every job they do. Our team’s background in Commercial and Heavy Highway Concrete is a big part of the overall foundation design to elevated structures, we take our experience over the past quarter century and use it to provide a superior final product and that satisfies our customers.

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